Your education is our top priority

Our spa experts are hosting multiple webinars throughout the year. We even partner with other industry leaders to provide combined learning opportunities.

Your education is our top priority

Hydrodermabrasion master class 

This class was introduced over a year ago because we received tons of requests to create a class to help aestheticians become familiar with one of the most popular facial treatments to date. 

Of course, we listened! 

This class has been hosted multiple times and in two languages. We’re even introducing a new online hydrodermabrasion course (coming soon) to offer the class continuously.  

Webinars and classes with industry partners 

We cover a variety of advanced skincare topics with our industry partners and the steps you need to take to help your clients with specific skin concerns. 

Topics covered include hyperpigmentation, aging skin concerns, skin brightening, intimate brightening, effective laser hair removal, hydrodermabrasion, and so much more.  

Click here for a list of scheduled and upcoming webinars and classes. 

Why attend one of our webinars or classes?

Being the best at what you do takes time, practice, and more importantly – it takes the knowledge to properly perform the treatment you want to perform.  

Here are some reasons to attend our classes and webinars:

  • Discover how to create and structure treatments your clients will love
  • Enhance your spa menu with options to attract new clients while creating opportunities to upsell existing ones
  • Discover tips and tricks when performing treatments that took our industry veterans years to learn
  • Acquire vital knowledge schools don’t teach you 
  • Attend a round table discussion with DermaJEM and other industry leaders
  • Ask questions during our live Q&A sessions

We offer free spa growth strategy sessions!  

If you are looking for ways to attract and retain clients, our spa experts help identify ways you can grow. 

Speak with one of our team members today to learn more! 

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