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The Curva combines tried and tested technologies for body contouring, like cavitation and radiofrequency and supercharges them by adding LED and vacuum therapy. But not just standard vacuum therapy, but super pulsed vacuum therapy!

The Curva features 4 handpieces. One cavitation handpiece and 3 Radiofrequency with Vacuum handpieces in varying sizes. This variation will allow you to provide body contouring and facial rejuvenation treatments. 

Curva Handpieces:

  • 38K Cavitation 
  • Small- Radiofrequency and RF 
  • Medium- Radiofrequency and RF
  • Large- Radiofrequency and RF

The Curva features a 38khz cavitation, which is even more powerful than traditional 40Khz cavitation. The 38Khz waves are wider than the 40Khz waves allowing them to penetrate deeper into the fat layers, which in turn makes the treatment more effective and provides faster results than traditional 40K cavitation. The best part is it is painless and safe. 

The Curva also includes Radiofrequency in its modalities. 1.2mhz Radiofrequency that can be combined with vacuum and super pulse vacuum for body slimming. Radiofrequency provides skin tightening and also actively promotes lipid metabolism and the degradation of fat cells. You can choose to use the Radiofrequency on its own for skin tightening or combine it with the pulsed vacuum for body contouring and lymphatic drainage. 

LED light therapy is a supportive therapy that increases the benefits of the treatment with the Curva. Red LED light (630 NM) is included in the medium and large vacuum and radiofrequency handpieces. Red LED stimulates the production of collagen and helps the body repair and replace damaged tissues. Blue LED (430 NM) is used to kill the bacteria that cause acne, providing an effective treatment for acne-prone skin. Blue LED is available on the Small Vacuum and RF Handpiece. 

Vacuum therapy provides lymphatic drainage, increases circulation, and helps the body process the waste created from body contouring treatments. Using a vacuum with body contouring helps to also improve the body and facial contours. SuperPulse vacuum therapy gives the same results as endermologie without the need for painful rollers and uncomfortable bodysuits. With up to 15 pulse outputs per second, it gives the client a comfortable sensation while keeping the treatment easy to provide and effective! 

Getting a return on your investment is fast with the Curva. Clients typically need 5-10 weekly sessions. The sessions should be sold as a package. On average, clients will pay between $250-$500 per session depending on the area or areas you will be treating. Averaging $350/Session and selling packages of 8 sessions per client, you only need 7 clients to already be making a profit! See the math below: 

$350 per session X 8 Sessions = $2800

$2800 X 7 Clients = $19,600 

With 7 clients you are already making a profit of $2,001!!!

Adding the Curva to your body contouring business is the perfect way to keep it growing and thriving. Impressive and effective results can be seen within 1-2 sessions, and sometimes even immediately following treatment; this is what will keep your clients coming back for more. 

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