Have You Seen Our Education Schedule?

At DermaJEM, we’re passionate about enhancing the skills of our clients to empower them to provide the best treatments to their customers. That’s why our education schedule is packed with a variety of webinars and classes throughout the year, tailored specifically for skincare professionals. Whether you’re looking to refine your techniques or expand your spa menu, our education schedule has something to help every … Read more

Something exciting happened in Paris! The Platinum Miami Facial was showcased! Get the guide here!

Following the IMCAS Skincare Congress in Paris in February 2024, DermaJEM and M.A.D Skincare formally introduced their new all-in-one facial treatment that empowers aestheticians to treat multiple skin conditions with a single medical spa facial. The Platinum Miami Facial was recently endorsed by Dr. Alberto Leguina, MD PhD – a Dermatologist Master in Aesthetic Medicine … Read more

Capture the attention of potential customers

Your med spa needs a constant flow of new customers and attractive offerings to convert one-time customers into recurring customers. This of course, is easier said than done, but we’re here to help. Every spa is different, and you need a strategy that helps you grow with your local audience. Our spa experts live and breathe spa … Read more

Your education is our top priority

Our spa experts are hosting multiple webinars throughout the year. We even partner with other industry leaders to provide combined learning opportunities. Hydrodermabrasion master class  This class was introduced over a year ago because we received tons of requests to create a class to help aestheticians become familiar with one of the most popular facial … Read more

DermaJEM at Premiere Orlando

We just wrapped up our visit to Premiere Orlando as part of our 2023 JEMtastic tour. This year our goal is to expose as many spa businesses to the right knowledge so they can create spa-elevating experiences. Live demos and learning opportunities.  Education is always a major focus for us – from complimentary, live 1-on-1 … Read more

We’re hosting another Virtual Hydrodermabrasion Masterclass….This time in Español! 

DermaJEM is fully committed to your continued growth. To help reach as many people as possible, we decided to host this next class 100% in Spanish. Our clients requested a Spanish class, and we listened!  Book your tickets here. Our masterclass will offer a comprehensive, in-depth learning experience that will help you stay ahead of … Read more

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