Anima Flow



The Anima Flow is the perfect way to add Hydrodermabrasion to your treatment room! This is perfect for you to pair with your existing modalities to create bespoke treatments for your clients.


Hydrodermabrasion is a deep dual exfoliation that exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin using both an abrasive tip and an acid based exfoliating solution. The depth of the exfoliation is going to depend on the tip selected and the number of passes done on the skin.
The Flow has the exclusive DermaJEM tips that offer 3 different style tips of varying sizes so that you can offer hydrodermabrasion to a wide variety of skin types.

The tips are what make the Anima hydrodermabrasion function special. You have the Double Exfo and double light tips that have diamond heads in them allowing you to do a deep dual exfoliation. Then you have our ruffle wave tips that are more traditional hydro tips that provide a more gentle dual exfoliation. Finally, you have the spiral deep tips that are made of a soft silicone material. They have a dual function, you can use them for a more sensitive skin type to do the full hydro treatment but they will also be used for every treatment to do extractions. That gives you the ability to treat most skin types with the most popular treatment currently on the market.

Vacuum Pressure – 85 kPa
Input Voltage – 110V
Input Power – 75 W
Dimensions- 11.5 X 11.5 X 5 Inches

Anima Flow
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