Upselling and Packages

In the aesthetics industry, it is not uncommon to hear the phrase “combination therapy”. This is exactly what it sounds like: the combination of treatments used to correct multiple skin concerns or to correct a specific issue with more than one procedure. Combination therapy is a great opportunity for upselling and recommending packages. Patients may come in concerned about one area, but it is the provider’s duty to look at the whole picture. This presents the opportunity to recommend a combination of treatments to address various troubled areas. In-treatment add-ons, skincare regimens, and packages are all great ways to upsell a patient and maximize their buying potential.

Patients rely on professionals to recommend them what is best. That is why they decided to book with you in the first place. Gaining a patient’s trust is key to maintaining a long relationship of treatments. This may mean taking more time to explain a procedure, or writing up a detailed regimen on how to use products. You should never be afraid of recommending a patient what YOU think is best for their skincare goals. It is important to listen to your patient, take detailed notes on what they want to correct, and customize their treatment plan as much as possible. Personalization makes the patient feel special- as they should! All skin is different, so no treatment plan should look the same.

After gaining your patient’s trust (this may require saying “No” to unnecessary treatments), it is time to focus on upselling. This can be done in the room during their treatment. Maybe recommend LED Light Therapy for inflammation, a 15-minute lymphatic drainage massage, or something as simple as a mask. While the best opportunity to talk to a patient is while they are in your chair, it is important not to sound sales-y. Do not spend the entire treatment time recommending other procedures- it should be a quick comment while they are numbing or perhaps during extractions. Get excited for your patient!

Let’s discuss packages. This is a surefire way to generate revenue during the initial appointment and allows the patient to book their next visit right then and there. After evaluating your patient’s skin, explain to them the benefits of a package. Maybe show some photo examples of patients who completed one treatment versus the whole treatment series. Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve the best results with most aesthetic procedures. Be as transparent as possible with pricing; offer them a package discount upon booking if this is sustainable. People like to know they are getting a good deal.

One of the easiest upsells in aesthetics is skincare. Skincare products are the “homework” after a patient’s treatment. This should be non-negotiable. Almost every in-office treatment can be accompanied by homecare to maximize the patient’s results. You can explain it this way to a patient: The treatment you receive in-office is like your personal trainer; homecare is like your at-home gym. It is crucial when selling a patient a skincare regimen that you explain what, why, and how to use their products. This will prevent returns, or worse, improper use by the patient.

When done correctly, upselling will provide your patient with even more wonderful treatment options to better their skin. Always remember you are the professional. A “wow” result rarely comes from just one procedure. You have the power to create a stellar treatment plan to sincerely impress your patient.

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