Hydrodermabrasion has been an increasingly popular aesthetic treatment for people who want the results of traditional microdermabrasion, without the dryness and use of crystals. This treatment combines exfoliation with the dermal infusion of hydrating products to reveal smoother skin with more even texture. Tiny jets break up the outer layer of the skin to polish and detoxify, while water and oxygen are infused for hydration. This works to remove old, dead skin cells, increase circulation, and promote collagen production. Active serums can be added to treat more specific skin concerns such as acne or hyperpigmentation. Hydrodermabrasion has the capability of deep permeation, allowing the skin cells to fully take advantage of the infusion cocktails. This is an excellent treatment option for someone looking for more hydrated, glowing skin without any downtime.

It is helpful to go over the main differences between microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion. Old school microdermabrasion uses a fine “sandpaper” like a wand to disperse microcrystals on the skin to exfoliate. This may be too abrasive for more sensitive patients, and usually leaves the skin red and slightly inflamed since it is performed on dry skin. It is best suited for thick, rough skin, or skin with deep hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, hydrodermabrasion fully moisturizes the new layer of the skin helping to prevent redness and swelling. The addition of saline and oxygen allows for a better slip of the handpiece, making it a more tolerable treatment. It is the ideal option before a big event to reveal new, refreshed skin.

This treatment uses a handheld tool with a crystal-free tip filled with saline and oxygen. The tip is glided across the skin to gently cleanse and exfoliate the top layer while simultaneously infusing water and other ingredients. Infusions will be determined by the patient’s individual skin concerns. This treatment works very well for sensitive skin patients because of the less abrasive hydro-tip. Hydrodermabrasion will take roughly 25-45 minutes depending on the areas being treated. It is important to mention again that there is NO downtime- this is very convenient for patients looking for an easy yet effective procedure that can be done on their lunch break.

Suitable for all skin types and Fitzpatrick, hydrodermabrasion is the most versatile skin treatment for radiant results. It can be described to patients as a medical-grade facial that works to extract impurities from the pores and leave the skin feeling completely clean. Even the most sensitive of patients can undergo hydrodermabrasion because of the flexibility of infusion options and treatment combinations. This is a great treatment to incorporate with LED light therapy for acne or rosacea patients to reduce inflammation and visible redness. Hydrodermabrasion combined with a non-ablative laser is an effective procedure to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage all while saturating the skin with hydrating elements. It can even be used to pre-treat before microneedling to provide hydration and deep cleansing. Not only is hydrodermabrasion performed on the face, but can also be used to treat the neck, décolletage, and even the back. It is no wonder this multifunctional remedy can be found in almost every Med Spa or dermatological environment. Its versatility and patient satisfaction make it one of the most lucrative treatment options on the market.

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