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Aestheticians and medspas need to adapt to an ever-changing beauty environment. At DermaJEM, we pride ourselves on researching and developing some of the latest medspa equipment technology in the industry. We manufacture high-quality, result-oriented spa equipment to help you provide beauty treatments to your clients. 

Meet our newest spa equipment, the Icesculpt Alpha and Facial Set!

Icesculpt Alpha – our newest thermal shock therapy device. 

Designed exclusively for the body, Icesculpt Alpha contains advanced slimming technology enabling you to provide thermal shock therapy treatments virtually anywhere on the body to help your customer experience visible body slimming results. 

Thermal shock therapy works by alternating between cold and hot temperatures to cause the death of fat cells in the treated areas without damaging the overlying skin. 

Beauty treatments are in high demand, with body slimming and body contouring services soaringin popularity. Now is the time to add Cryo Thermal Shock to your spa service menu. 

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Facial Set – Hydrodermabrasion replacement set of 6 facial tips

Our new Facial Set collection of 6 tips is designed to be used with the Anima Element & Anima Ares. If you need to replace your existing tips, this is our newest go-to solution!  

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Stay on top of the beauty industry with equipment from DermaJEM. Experience the DermaJEM advantage! 

Our spa equipment and serums are comfortable for your clients and for your esthetician. We also stand behind every spa equipment purchase with a 30-day return policy, a 30-month warranty period, and complimentary live equipment training.

We offer a wide range of equipment with benefits and features loved by aestheticians.

• User-friendly systems and interfaces 
• Our equipment is designed to have low operational costs 
• Certified estheticians on staff to help guide and train you
• Sleek and modern designs to compliment your spa's image
• In-house warranty department to handle coverage concerns quickly 
• 24/7 support team to address all of your support needs 
• Coming soon – an immersive online educational and training program

DermaJEM is a new kind of spa equipment supplier. 

Since our founding, we have aimed to be the best in the industry – to offer spa equipment with a strong technological and medical foundation with cutting-edge systems. Our goal is to supply you with the equipment and knowledge you need to experience true growth. 

Do you have questions?

Never compromise on quality and choose to partner with an industry-leading spa equipment supplier. DermaJEM offers cutting-edge technology with unrivaled support. 

Schedule your complimentary spa consultation today or explore our online store now.

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