The 3 E’s you need to focus on to boost retention and grow your medspa

The 3 E's you need to focus on to boost retention and grow your medspa




Growing your medspa poses its own set of unique challenges based on factors like your location, target market, the amount of infrastructure you have, etc. This article focuses on foundationally universal growth tactics that apply to any medspa.

Your customers want two things. They want to experience visible results, and they want you to make them feel good.

Create an experience your clients will love. 

People enjoy going to places they feel welcome in and staying in places they feel great in. This is the idea behind the importance of focusing on the experience your medspa provides your customers with. Experiences are not limited to how the client is greeted when they walk in. You need to focus on the experience from the customers’; point of view. Think about the customer experience on the phone, on social media, and of course, in person. Another essential experience to consider is how the customer feels about the results they are getting from your medspa. Your medspa experience consists of literally everything involving your spa and the client.

Make sure you have the best equipment powering your spa services.

Talent is talent; however, even the most talented esthetician still needs proper equipment to provide customers with visible beauty results. Your spa equipment are the tools your team will use to work. Do you want them to use less effective tools or industry-leading tools?  

Your spa equipment helps determine what services are in your spa menu. A common mistake we often see in the industry is sometimes a medspa or esthetician has a particular service they want to push, which is totally fine. However, if customers are not looking for that service or if that service lacks awareness, then selling it will be way more difficult than selling a spa service people are already looking for. Provide spa services people are actually looking for to sell them faster.

Choose your spa equipment strategically, and if you need help, one of our spa experts will guide you step by step.

Your esthetician is the connecting force between your spa’s experience and equipment. 

Your esthetician is the individual on your team responsible for delivering the beauty results your clients want. Your clients book an appointment with your medspa, hoping to have their skin concerns addressed and improved. A talented esthetician is an invaluable part of any medspas path to success.

When your 3 E’s are strong, your medspa is strong.  

If you want help strengthening your 3 E’s, DermaJEM’s spa experts are available to guide you in the right direction.  

Schedule an appointment with one of our spa experts today.

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