Capture the attention of potential customers

Your med spa needs a constant flow of new customers and attractive offerings to convert one-time customers into recurring customers. This of course, is easier said than done, but we’re here to help.


Every spa is different, and you need a strategy that helps you grow with your local audience. Our spa experts live and breathe spa growth tactics! It’s what they do every day. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members today. 

You need a before and after gallery…..or at least just an after gallery! 

One of the best and easiest ways to capture the attention of potential customers is with an amazing before and after gallery. We see so many spa owners miss out on capturing images and videos of their existing clients.  

If you already have some regulars, capturing their progress takes a few seconds. Take out a cell phone and photograph their treatment area before and after each treatment. Taking a short video is even better! This will not only help you create a stunning results gallery – it will also help feed your social media marketing efforts!

Craft a spa menu that speaks for itself!

Capture the attention of potential customers

Creating a spa menu that’s enticing is not only beneficial for attracting new customers or helping existing customers find new treatments, but it also helps you upsell current customers for treatment add-ons. 

By putting together a well-thought-out spa services menu, you can also create internal processes for your team to follow so they can add more value to your client’s beauty treatments while exposing them to additional services.


Take advantage of educational opportunities when they are available!

Capture the attention of potential customers

The goal of any spa equipment supplier is to help its customers grow. At DermaJEM, we are 100% dedicated to your education and growth. If you attend tradeshows, visit our booth and take part in live demos where we showcase how to use our devices in a real-world setting and how to combine a popular treatment like a hydrodermabrasion facial as part of a protocol that will deliver the results your clients are looking for.

Check out our upcoming webinars page for additional learning opportunities. This page is updated often, so check back routinely or follow us on social media for updates on new webinars and classes

If you want to learn more, we invite you to schedule a free strategy session with one of our spa experts! 

Take the first step and speak with one of our spa experts today. Our team is ready to help. 

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