DermaJEM at Premiere Orlando

We just wrapped up our visit to Premiere Orlando as part of our 2023 JEMtastic tour. This year our goal is to expose as many spa businesses to the right knowledge so they can create spa-elevating experiences.

Live demos and learning opportunities. 

Education is always a major focus for us – from complimentary, live 1-on-1 training sessions to webinars and classes. Our team is determined to share as much knowledge as possible with our audience. 

Ask us anything during a live Q&A session! 

We always host live demos and provide complimentary learning opportunities during every tradeshow. Our spa experts answer questions attendees have during live Q&A sessions, and throughout the show, we even have strategy sessions with our new customers.  

There are tons of demos going on, and best of all, our demos allow you to see firsthand how our spa equipment performs in a real-world setting. 

DermaJEM Live Spa Equipment Facial Demo in Orlando

Catching up with old friends and meeting with our industry partners. 

We love collaborating with other brands like M.A.D Skincare, Hale and Hush, Germaine de Capuccini, and Prana SpaCeuticals. 

Many of our demos are co-hosted with at least one of our industry partners; this way, you see perfect matchups between our spa equipment and result-focused professional skincare products. Together, these combinations create winning results your clients will love!

Premiere Orlando Spa Convention
Hale and Hush and DermaJEM Joint Spa Treatment Live Demo
Anima Spa Equipment in action

We love our team! Thank you for everything you do for us! 

Every team member worked hard to make Premiere Orlando a success! Our team works hard, and we are so thankful for everything they do!  

Traveling with our team helps us all bond and learn more about each other. During this show, we even learned Paola (Our Lead Aesthetic Trainer) never had a Krispy Kreme donut before. So, of course, we had to grab a box and give it to her!  

Here she is, trying one for the first time! 

Paola eating her first krispy kreme donut

Next stop…… Las Vegas! See us there!

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