We’re hosting another Virtual Hydrodermabrasion Masterclass….This time in Español! 

DermaJEM is fully committed to your continued growth. To help reach as many people as possible, we decided to host this next class 100% in Spanish. Our clients requested a Spanish class, and we listened! 

Our masterclass will offer a comprehensive, in-depth learning experience that will help you stay ahead of the competition and teach you how to create a tailored experience your clients will love.  How to deliver hydrodermabrasion results for your clients is the core focus of our masterclass, and by the end of the class, you will have all the information you need to become a hydrodermabrasion powerhouse. Elevate your med spa and offer cutting-edge treatments that will enhance your spa menu to keep existing clients interested in your services while attracting clients who’ve never tried you before. 

Book your ticket here. This class is in Spanish. The class will be recorded, and a copy of the class video will be sent out to every ticket holder. 

Three reasons you need to attend our Hydrodermabrasion Masterclass in Epsañol. 

  1. Comprehensive class curriculum: DermaJEM’s Hydrodermabrasion Masterclass is designed to offer a thorough understanding of Hydrodermabrasion and how you can add this service to your spa menu. Ensuring you are well-equipped to provide exceptional service to your clients begins with how much you know. 
  2. Experienced instructor and industry leaders: Every class instructor and round table discussion participant is an industry veteran with years of experience in the beauty industry. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality education, and to meet this goal; we bring in high-quality educators. 
  3. Live Q&A sessions: The impact of getting your questions answered right away is invaluable. When someone is learning something new or something they are not entirely familiar with, it’s natural to have questions. However, these questions often go unanswered, and people may go to the Internet for answers. The Internet is amazing, but it’s simultaneously full of great information and not-so-great information. Our industry veterans will answer your questions immediately and passionately. 

Hydrodermabrasion Masterclass in español! 

DermaJEM is fully committed to your continued growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your med spa experience with our Hydrodermabrasion Masterclass in Epsañol!

Book your ticket here.

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