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The Platinum Miami Facial Bundle

What happens when you combine the latest in hydrodermabrasion technology with skincare containing highly active and potent ingredients?

A Protocol + Skincare Bundle that delivers results!

Elizabeth Camacho Introducing the Platinum Miami Facial

We have taken our incredible Miami Facial and made it even more glamorous with M.A.D. Skincare’s latest Platinum ampule and mask launch! Discover the Combination of hydrodermabrasion, retinol, vitamin c, stem cells, growth factors, and SYNPLA (M.A.D’s Exclusive new ingredient) come together with technology from DermaJEM’s Ares to completely transform your clients skin giving them the Platinum Miami Glow!

What’s in the bundle?

Everything you need.

Highlights from our…..

Paris Launch!

Platinum-Miami-Facial Hydro Dermabrasion in Action
Platinum Miami Facial Elizabeth Camacho Presenting in Paris 2024
Platinum-Miami-Facial-MAD Skincare Exfoliator
Platinum-Miami-Facial-Step Michael from MAD Skincare
Platinum-Miami-Facial Nano Stamp 360
Platinum Miami Facial Karla Demonstration
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