Platinum Miami Facial Bundle


Save $3,660 with this exclusive bundle.


1X Ares Hydro and Micro
1X Nano Stamp 360 device with 20 tips total
1X Mederi exfoliating serum (will vary based on availability)
1X Mega Rich Cleansing Gel
1X Mandelic Cleanser
1X Everyday Renewing Toner
1X Multi C Retinol Peel
1X Jenasus Growth Factor Peel
1X Extraction in a Fraction
1X M.A.D. Platinum Synpla Anti-Wrinkle Growth Factor Ampules
1X M.A.D Platinum Hyaluronic Sheet Masks
1X Eye Transformation Serum
1X Transforming Daily Moisturizer
1X Hypersheer SPF 50 Sunscreen
Platinum Miami Facial Bundle
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