Cupping Therapy

Today in Med Spa Growth Tactics:  F.E.E.D your business what it needs to stay healthy.

Elevate your med spa with our expertise and accessible support team. Here’s how DermaJEM can “F.E.E.D.” your spa business: Free live, 1-on-1 training for all equipment purchases  Expert-level advice to create a spa menu that will practically sell itself Enjoy peace of mind from a responsive support team  Devices that deliver real results and are … Read more

Add Cupping Therapy to your Spa Menu 

You can find celebrities and social media influencers going on video with small red circles on their body, which causes people to wonder how those marks got there.  This has made cupping a bit of a buzzword; however, as trendy as cupping is becoming, cupping is by no means a new treatment. You can date … Read more

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