HydroJEM™ Scalp Renew Treatment Set


The HydroJEM™ Scalp Renew Treatment Set

– Pore Sweep and Luminous Serenity (16 oz)
– Set of 4 tips.

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HydroJEM™ Scalp Renew Treatment Set- Includes full size 16Oz serums (Pore Sweep and Luminous Serenity) and set of 4 tips.

Scalp exfoliation is essential for hair growth, hair quality, and hair health. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair. So often we are reactive and approach hair loss and damage after it has already begun. Taking a proactive approach and creating a healthy environment for hair to grow and thrive is an essential first step in helping your clients achieve their hair goals.
The HydroJEM™ Scalp renew tips are made to exfoliate, renew and nourish the scalp. It combines the physical exfoliation of the swirl and prongs inside the tip with the Chemical exfoliation of our Mederi Hydro serums to gently and thoroughly get rid of dead skin cells, product build up, and residue. While the stimulation from the prongs in the tip and the gentle suction used will increase blood flow nourishing the scalp.
The HydroJEM Scalp Renew tips can be combined with oxygen infusion to hydrate. They can be used in combination with Microneedling or Microchanneling treatments to get rid of debris and make whatever is being infused or injected function that much better and penetrate deeper. The increased blood flow will also aid in increasing treatment efficacy and results.
HydroJEM™ Scalp Renew Treatment Set
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