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| How to grow your Medspa.

We live in a world full of options, so to ensure you are at the top of someone’s list, you need to show them the beauty results you can help them achieve.  

Getting images can be challenging if you are just getting started. In some cases, it can even take months before you can showcase an “after” image, but the fact is, you need to work towards building an undeniable gallery of results to help you grow in the future.

Achieving results you want to capture in a picture or video means you need two things…..

1. A talented esthetician 
2. High-quality spa devices 

Both of these are essential to the equation. You need powerful spa devices for your estheticians to use. Your esthetician can be full of talent, but their potential will be underutilized without the right tools. The opposite is also true, which is why the mix needs to be just right.

Have you heard of the “3 E”s of medspa growth?

Before / after images and videos help you attract new customers. 

We live in a world of transparency. If you do not take charge of your online reputation, then someone else will. Showcase client results and share them everywhere on the internet – from your website to social media and even on Google! Strengthen your business’s digital footprint and strive to achieve an undeniable digital presence. 

Nowadays, most people read reviews before going somewhere new. When people do this, they are also looking at pictures! When someone takes a look at your spa’s images, what do they see? You want them to see images that compel them to book an appointment with you. Start working towards building your gallery asap.

Great equipment leads to great results. 

If you want to acquire the right spa equipment to grow your medspa, we would love for you to take a look at our Anima Spa Equipment line. You can shop online or with a DermaJEM Spa Expert to guide you in the right direction during your shopping experience. 

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