Anima Forza Tri-Diode Laser



The Forza is a Triple wavelength diode laser, this makes it safe and effective for all fitzpatrick skin types. The Forza features 755,808, and 1064 wavelengths making it the gold standard for hair removal. By incorporating multiple wavelengths and technologies, it not only enables professionals to treat a wide range of hair types, but also enables patients to enjoy a comfortable treatment process and an effective clinical outcome.

Forza diode laser penetrates deep into the dermis, and is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles. The laser energy is converted into thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue for effective hair removal. With its 1200W power the Forza emits strong pulses to destroy the deep root of the hair follicle. The pulses, although strong, are very short, so they only destroy the hair follicle. Keeping the surrounding tissue free from damage.

The Forza is an almost pain-free hair removal experience for your clients; it features a sapphire glass cooling window that cools to -4 degrees Celsius, thus keeping your client comfortable throughout the treatment. That means fast results with a high degree of comfort. The cooling effect also helps to protect the skin from any damage. 

Typically clients can see hair reduction after 1-2 sessions. We recommend packages of 6-8 sessions for best results. 


Benefits of the Forza: 

  • Triple wavelength allows for more effective hair removal on all fitzpatrick skin types
  • Significant hair reduction in 1-2 sessions
  • Treatments are fast and easy on the therapist
  • Multifaceted cooling system keeps clients comfortable 
  • Excellent for sensitive areas like the face or bikini 
  • Simple operation
  • Can do large areas very quickly
  • 24hr continuous run time

Hair removal treatments have never been easier to offer and comfortable to receive. Elevate your hair removal treatments with the Anima Forza Tri-Diode Laser. 



Laser Type Triple Wavelength Diode Laser
Wavelength  755, 808, 1064
Power  1200W
Output Power  2500W
Display  15” Color Touch Screen
Spot Size  12*10mm
Pulse Width  2-100ms
Fluence 1-120j/cm2
Frequency  0.5-10hz
Cooling System  Water+Air+Semiconductor
Dimensions 50*44*110cm 
Lifespan  30 Million Shots
Anima Forza Tri-Diode Laser
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