Do you want to retain more of your Medspa customers?

Your medspa depends on clients coming through the doors and keeping a client coming back is invaluable. So how do you do it? How do you retain a client for months or years? 


Medspa client retention starts with the quality of your machines, the skill of your aestheticians, and the experience your staff creates within your space. In other words, every major variable to retain customers is within your control. 

Keep clients coming back by providing them with an excellent experience. 

Your entire staff creates an experience your clients are exposed to. Your aestheticians, front desk team, and spa manager all engage with your customers at one point. These touch points must be planned, strategically designed, and geared towards adding value for your client. This does not mean engage in senseless babble. Listen to your clients, understand what they are looking for, and do your best to communicate their desires to the rest of your team. This way, everyone can be informed and create a unified experience centered around each client. Doing this helps strengthen the client-provider relationship making your clients feel emotionally invested in returning.

Keep clients coming back with great spa equipment. 

Your devices determine what your aestheticians can and cannot do. As a medspa owner/manager, it’s your responsibility to create an A-team for your business. Your team needs the right tools to take full advantage of their skills. Great medspa equipment empowers your aestheticians to fully utilize their skillset and provide your clients with the beauty results they want.

Keep clients coming back by delivering results. 

Needless to say, this step is critical. Your clients come to you so you can help them accomplish their beauty goals. This is where your team needs to shine using every available resource within your medspa. If your team can provide clients with stunning and predictable results, you should have no issues retaining clients. Just make sure to wrap everything up in a client-centered experience, and you have a winning combination.

Keep your clients coming back with an attractive spa menu. 

Encourage your clients to return by showing them the treatments you offer. If they know everything you can do for them, they will be more likely to return. Show them a strategically constructed spa menu, and make sure to include the services and treatments that are popular in your area. You need to offer the services and treatments your clients are looking for. Many medspas also have seasonal spa menus to take advantage of changing skin needs in each season. Another tactic is to experiment with a new service or treatment.

Interested in learning more about how DermaJEM can help you accomplish your clients’ aesthetic goals?  

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We can help you create a spa menu clients will love while also providing you with all the spa equipment you need to back up the treatments listed on your menu. 


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