DermaJEM is dedicated to your education

The year just started, and we have already hosted a virtual masterclass plus multiple live Q&A sessions on Instagram.  

We have over a dozen more planned for the year!

DermaJEM is dedicated to your education

Discover what your customers want and how to give it to them.

DermaJEM is dedicated to your continued education with free live training and master class and webinar opportunities. Learn what treatments are trending or in high demand, and discover how to give your customers the treatments they are looking for.

DermaJEM Hydrodermabrasion classes

Have you heard of DermaJEM university? 

We’ve created an online school to help our customers get the most from their spa devices. The DJEM class library is routinely updated with lessons filmed in our showroom or in one of our treatment rooms. 

Ask us how you can gain access to our online training program. 

DermaJEM is dedicated to your education

Live social media Q&A sessions

We love hearing from our audience, and to make communication easier between you and our spa experts, we go live on Instagram at least once per month. During our live sessions, we often perform treatments using one of our Anima devices, and we use protocols that we either developed or one of our strategic partners created and shared with us. The aesthetician performing the treatment narrates every step they take to help you follow along. We also have a team member monitor any comments to keep an eye out for any questions you may have. 

Bonus educational opportunities. 

Find us at any trade show along our 2023 tour and watch live demonstrations using our spa devices or speak with one of our onsite spa experts during the trade show. 

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