Why offer hydro facials?

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Hydro facials can boost your revenue and convert leads into recurring clients.

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Understanding hydrodermabrasion as a treatment

Hydrodermabrasion is an amazing facial treatment that combines the exfoliating power of microdermabrasion with hydrating serums. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, which can be abrasive, hydrodermabrasion is gentler and far more hydrating for the skin resulting in smoother and brighter skin that leaves clients wanting to receive this treatment time and time again.

Why Hydrodermabrasion is a Game-Changer for Your Spa

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: By offering a treatment that reduces signs of aging, minimizes pores, and hydrates the skin, you’re guaranteed to have a stream of satisfied customers who’ll rave about their experience.

Increased Repeat Business: The immediate and noticeable results of hydrodermabrasion mean clients are more likely to book regular sessions, ensuring a consistent revenue stream.

Wider Clientele Base: As the demand for non-invasive and effective skin treatments grows, so does the pool of potential clients. Offering hydrodermabrasion opens your spa to this ever-growing market segment.

Why Choose DermaJEM’s Hydrodermabrasion Equipment?

Ease of Use: One of the top selling features of DermaJEM devices is their user-friendly design. Aestheticians can effortlessly operate and navigate through every treatment, ensuring a relaxing experience for clients.

Low Maintenance: No spa owner wants equipment that’s continually breaking down or challenging to maintain. With DermaJEM, the easy maintenance ensures your operations run smoothly.

Client-Approved Results: Your clients demand results – as their med spa of choice it’s your responsibility to deliver the beauty results they seek. After delivering a DermaJEM Hydro Facial, your clients will love the results.  Enhance your spa’s reputation and create repeat customers with hydro facials! 

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