What equipment do you need to open a medspa?

Spa equipment is what your team uses to provide customers with beauty services. They’re the tools of your business. Each treatment has a unique set of equipment required for it to be performed, so the equipment you need to open a med spa depends on what services you want to offer.

Look for devices your aestheticians will love using and devices that actually give your clients noticeable results.

You need to focus on growing a client list and retaining those clients. Great spa equipment helps keeps clients happy, so they continue making appointments.

Client retention is what grows businesses, and medspas are no different. How often your clients return affects your bottom line. Creating a diverse spa menu that includes popular treatments is a great way to keep your clients returning. A winning combination we commonly see is creating two separate treatment menus, one for facial treatments and the other for body treatments.

Another tactic we recommend is to have seasonal service menus tailored to the skins unique needs per season. For example, in Summer you can have treatments for battling acne, while in Winter you can focus on moisturizing treatments.

Popular spa devices your business needs.

Here’s a list of popular spa device categories new spa owners look for. 

  •  Microneedling machine
  •  Hydrodermabrasion machines 
  •  IPL treatment devices
  • Laser hair removal machine 
  •  Body sculpting devices
  •  Anti-aging facial machines 
  •  Lipo-lasers
     Cupping therapy device 
  •  Pressotherapy system 
  •  Devices with oxygen infusion 
  • Spa equipment with radiofrequency

Every medspa is different, and you should tailor your equipment needs to meet the service demand in your local area.

If you need help determining what spa devices would help meet the needs of your local customers, speak with a DermaJEM Spa Expert during a free consultation. Let us help you build a spa menu that customers will love.

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