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1600W Quadruple Wavelength Diode Laser


Introducing the Dio-Ice 1600W Quadruple Wavelength Diode Laser, the pinnacle of power and precision in hair removal technology. Designed for professionals who demand the best, this state-of-the-art laser system combines unmatched power with advanced cooling features to deliver exceptional results with maximum patient comfort. Experience the ultimate in versatility and effectiveness with a device engineered to meet the needs of every skin type and hair color.


**Key Features:**

– **Quadruple Wavelength Technology:** The Dio-Ice diode laser integrates four distinct wavelengths (755nm, 808nm, 940nm, and 1064nm) in one robust device. This comprehensive spectrum ensures optimal absorption by various chromophores in the hair follicle, enabling effective treatment across all skin tones and hair types.


– **Unmatched Power:** With a formidable 1600W power output, the Dio-Ice laser system guarantees rapid and thorough hair removal. Its high energy density and fast repetition rates ensure efficient treatments, allowing you to serve more clients in less time.

– **Post-Procedure Cooling Plate:** Enhance patient comfort with the integrated cooling plate designed for post-treatment application. This feature helps to soothe the skin immediately after the procedure, reducing redness and irritation and providing a more pleasant experience for your clients.

– **Versatility Across All Fitzpatrick Skin Types:** The four wavelengths, particularly the 1064nm and 940nm, make this system exceptionally effective for darker skin types, ensuring safe and efficient hair removal for every client.

– **User-Friendly Interface:** The intuitive 15.6-inch touchscreen interface allows for seamless operation and quick parameter adjustments. Pre-set treatment protocols and customizable settings offer flexibility to tailor treatments to individual client needs.

– **Efficiency and Speed:** High power and rapid repetition rates translate to quicker treatment sessions, increasing your clinic’s throughput. The large spot size options cover more area per pulse, enhancing treatment efficiency without sacrificing precision.

– **Durable and Reliable:** Constructed with premium components and subjected to rigorous quality control, the Dio-Ice laser system is built to last. It promises long-term reliability and minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent performance for your practice. With a handpiece that is guaranteed to offer over 50 million Shots.

– **Safety First:** Advanced safety features, including skin contact sensors and real-time monitoring, prioritize the well-being of both the practitioner and the client, providing peace of mind during every procedure.


**Technical Specifications:**

– **Wavelengths:** 755nm, 808nm, 940nm, 1064nm

– **Laser Power:** 1600W

– **Spot Size:** 5mm*5mm, Ф8mm, 10mm*10mm, 12mm*20mm, 20mm*40mm

– **Pulse Width:** 10ms ~ 200ms

– **Frequency:** 1HZ ~ 10HZ

– **Fluence:** 0 ~ 120J/cm²

– **Laser Intensity:** 10% ~ 100%

– **Contact Temperature:** -5°C ~ 5°C

– **Cooling System:** Air + Water + TEC / Semiconductor + Sapphire

– **Screen:** 15.6″ color touch display

– **Voltage:** 110V/60Hz



– Permanent hair reduction

– Suitable for all body areas

– Effective on all hair colors and textures


**Package Includes:**

– Dio-Ice 1600W Quadruple Wavelength Diode Laser Device

– User Manual

– Protective Eyewear for Practitioner and Client


**Warranty and Support:**

We offer a comprehensive 30-month  warranty and dedicated customer support to ensure your investment is protected. Our team of experts is available for training, troubleshooting, and ongoing assistance to help you maximize the potential of your new laser system.


Elevate your practice to new heights with the Dio-Ice 1600W Quadruple Wavelength Diode Laser. This powerful, effective, and versatile system is designed to deliver superior results with maximum patient comfort. Embrace the future of aesthetic treatments with confidence and precision. Transform lives with the Dio-Ice advantage today.

Original price was: $24,999.00.Current price is: $19,999.00.
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